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The Midnight Mission Holiday Donation Program

February 3, 2012

Over the Holidays in 2011, the folks at REAL Rock’n’Roll Movers participated in a wonderful charitable program with the Midnight Mission in Downtown Los Angeles.

We were proud to partner up with The Midnight Mission, which is the largest non-religious private social service provider in the Los Angeles area. More than just a place for the homeless to get meals, the Mission provides shelter, clothing, personal hygiene needs and medical care to the needy in Los Angeles. It also houses families in crisis and offers job training for parents and education for children. Household items are always needed to furnish the housing quarters since the families are allowed to take the items with them when they transition out of the facility into a home of their own.

We offered our customers a chance to donate furniture and other household items, which we collected and delivered to the Midnight Mission. We were excited to assist in making the connection between the people WITH the stuff and the people who NEED the stuff.

The folks at The Midnight Mission were thrilled to receive one of the largest single donations of furniture they had ever received.